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Time Change

November 06, 2018 1 Comment

Throughout the thrills of parenting, there are many factors that affect the way our households are run on a daily basis. We can control some of these factors as parents and some of them are beyond our control. One of those factors that can be interesting to deal with is the time change. Throughout the summer months my wife and I get home from work and often play outside with our kids for hours while we are cooking dinner on the grill or doing our outside duties. We try to involve our kids in those activities as much as possible even though they are only three years old. Usually after playing we eat, clean up the house from daily activities, get baths and tell the kids when it gets dark its bedtime. This is a routine that we use to aid our parenting goals and give our kids a routine. This has been effective for us all summer. Now with fall creeping into winter and the time falling back an hour, the days have slowly gotten shorter and it gets dark so much earlier than they are used to. We have heard for years from friends and family members that have kids that time change is there least favorite week of the year because it is sometimes harder for our kids to adjust than it is for us. This has been the first year since we have had kids that the time change has affected bedtime. On Sunday, we were sitting at our dinner table and the kids noticed that it was getting dark and told us that it was dark outside but they weren’t tired. After we finished dinner I was cleaning up while my wife was giving the kids a bath and I began to think about what the concept of time means to our kids. They are three years old, they don’t know how to tell time, they don’t know that it is 8 pm and bedtime is in a half hour. They only know it is bedtime when our routine gets them to that stage and they are in their jammies and ready to read a few books. It has been an interesting few days getting our kids back into the routine of bedtime even though it has been dark for an hour or two. Within a few more days, the struggle of time change will be a faint memory as we look forward to the upcoming holidays. Here at Happy Dad Life Aint Bad, we are interested in how the time change has affected your daily routine with your kids. What are your strategies for dealing with these minor parenting struggles? Sometimes in our parenting life, these are struggles that we look back on after the fact as happy memories on how we adapted our personal lives to aid our children and say, “happy dad life aint bad.”


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1 Response


November 06, 2018

You are spot on! We haven’t figured out a good way to confront the time change with our children. I will say this, falling back an hour seams easier than the spring ahead. Remember, Happy Dad Life Ain’t Bad :))))

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